DiY Machine Planner for Designs

DiY Machine Planner for Designs

Realistic project proposals

It is used for realistic designs of machines, production lines and the appearance of workshops and homemade products. It allows you to deploy components in 3D space in real scale and visualize the final form. Insert the DXF of the installation space on the floor plan and insert the individual products as you wish. It is suitable for proposals:

  • Machines
  • Means of transport
  • Production lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Workshop equipment
  • Packaging lines and warehouses
  • DIY projects

For DIY projects

Build any project from real components. It allows you to choose the right product and size for your workshop or project exactly for your needs. You are able to design the basic form of your project without complicated modeling programs. Build any machine in minutes.

Component sizeVelikost komponent

The components are to scale, by assembling them you will achieve the final form of the project. Avoid collisions or uncomplicable components.

Built-up space

The composite assembly gives an idea of the necessary space for the intended project. You can download the set and model a specific cover or construction accordingly.

List of required material

Choose from a global library and a large number of items for any technical project. If you can't find the item, upload your own and make your own library.

Links to selected components

Each component contains technical documentation, links to the supplier's product page, contact information for the supplier's technical support, and the price of the product. You can consult the project online directly with the technical support of the supplier.

Project management of technical projects

Visualize your ideas to your team in real terms and with real parts. For the beginning of the project, a comprehensive idea is an important aspect for the whole team. You can design an initial visualization of technical projects.

Layout and necessary space for the project

Find out what space you will need for your new project. You will find out how to place it, where you need it, what leads, where you want to have control or signaling. Share these needs with all suppliers easily and quickly. You design the project on a scale, the folded form corresponds to the real final form.

Visualization of planned projects

For more complex projects before the actual implementation, it is appropriate to present a more detailed form. The fact that the project team works with a comprehensive idea shortens the project implementation time by up to 30%. It is a simple tool with a high effect.

Consultations with visualization experts

Consult all experts for the given technology for the intended design. From the beginning, you will be able to choose suitable technologies without much experience and not spend unnecessarily for extra work or time learning about the issue.

Offer products and services

Choose from a wide range of products and find the best choice for your project from the global library. You can completely request the assembled project from selected suppliers.

Check your budget

Since most items have indicative prices, you are able to quickly verify the size of the budget for your project.


Effectively compare the possibilities of machinery as well as construction and design options. DIY machine planner allows you to compare individual designs in real scale. Comparing individual variants is much easier for your imagination.